PCU’s service group consists of four divisions that coordinate all aspects of our customer’s care. Our proprietary claim management system is the foundation of our capabilities. Since March 1, 2015, we have served over 190,000 customers, paid over 650,000 claims to 6,400 healthcare providers with an accuracy rate of 99%. These results are quite simply unmatched in today’s international insurance market.

  • Claims Processing – Our proprietary system allows us to receive, reprice, adjudicate and pay claims electronically, with minimal human intervention. And we turn around claims quickly. Through every step of the process our customers and providers have access to the status of their claims on a custom portal provided by PCU. Transparent, accurate and fast.
  • Clinical Services – Our staff of clinicians includes RNs, LPNs, doctors and dentists whose sole purpose is to facilitate access to appropriate health services to assure quality outcomes.
  • Customer Service – Using the latest communications technology, our customer service professionals have access to the answers you need at their fingertips. Whether you are communicating via email, phone or chat you will find our staff friendly, responsive and compassionate. PCU is available 24/7 to assist customers from around the world.
  • Provider Networks – PCU builds and manages healthcare provider networks that fulfill our customer’s needs in the U.S. by matching geographic and demographic profiles with quality healthcare providers. We support our international travelers and expatriates through a growing network of global providers and transportation services.

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