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Collaboration with Point Comfort will lead to new markets and sales opportunities for you.


What’s in it for you?
An immediate revenue stream from insurance underwritten at Lloyd’s, smartphone sales, white-label options, amazing customer service and expert claim management. 

How is PCU different?
We’re approachable and passionate. We’re innovative and want to make things easier on you. We provide you with marketing collateral, so you can begin product awareness quickly and effortlessly. We strive to always be available for you and your clients’ needs.

PCU was founded based on decades of international insurance market experience.
That experience translates into increased revenues and customer satisfaction for producers all over the globe. Let PCU expand your current offerings to encompass the international market or add our unique new products to your existing international portfolio. 

Either way, having PCU on your team will up your game and grow your sales.

What we offer:

  • Superior Service
  • Competitive Commissions
  • A+ Rated Security
  • Underwriting for your clients' needs
  • Customization of plans and purchase paths
  • Multi-platform Distribution
  • Robust Technology - Real-time updated sales portal
  • Industrial-strength Claims Management
Point Comfort Underwriters- Success
Email PCU today at producers@pointcomfort.com or give us a call toll-free at 1.844.210.2010.

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